Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lunch with Honest Fizz

I have to admit that even though I try to eat healthy, I often crave a soda midday. I love the Honest Fizz line of sodas since I don't have to feel guilty drinking one with lunch. They are now all organic and have zero calories! Plus, if you haven't tried the new Golden Ginger Ale, pick one up at the store! Instead of an almost non-existent ginger flavor of other soda brands, this new variety of Honest Fizz actually tastes like ginger! Perfect for a hot day!

We also love the other flavors of Honest Fizz and it's my go-to-treat when the soda craving sets in.

Honest Tea was kind enough to offer TWO of my readers a variety case of their Honest Fizz, of course, including the new Honest Fizz Ginger Ale. For your chance to win, simply enter my Rafflecopter below! GOOD LUCK!

Lunch is packed in our Easylunchboxes and includes:

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Open to US Residents only. Winner will be contacted via email and has to respond within 24 h to claim the price.

Disclaimer: Honest Tea sent me a case of Honest Fizz to try. All opinions are my own.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monbento for Mama: Wontons

Mondays are always hard. Even though I have such great intentions on Sunday, when Monday morning comes along my tiredness almost always wins over the intentions. I focus on making sure my family leaves the house with healthy and fun lunches and when it's time to make lunch for myself - my lunch making skills seem to have left with the kids. However, today I decided that even if I have less time to make myself lunch it can still be healthy, colorful and fun.

My Monbento is packed with mini chicken and cilantro Wontons and a fun fruit salad. I stocked up on fruit at our local Costco on Friday and loved having a good selection of fruit on hand. I combined bananas, two kinds of apples, oranges and frozen dark cherries. A quick drizzle of honey and a few apple flowers completed today's lunch. 

Did you pack lunch for yourself today? I'd love to hear what you packed! Leave me a comment :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monbento for Mama: St. Patrick's Day Bento

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day so I could not pass up the chance to pack myself a St. Patrick's Day themed bento today! My husband's family is Irish and therefore corned beef, soda bread and Irish coffee (or coffee with Irish coffee creamer when St. Patrick's day falls on a week day like this year) are a must-have! My kids are not big fans of corned beef and cabbage so this year I simply bought corned beef cold cuts and will make a cole slaw instead of slaving over crockpot corned beef with cabbage.

My Monbento Original is packed with:
  • Macaroni salad because I haven't made any cole slaw yet ;)
  • a green salad with cucumbers and a cucumber clover 
  • green grapes and
  • a corned beef sandwich with mustard and lettuce on pumpernickel and rye bread

Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks! Sláinte!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unplanned Lunches

I am so glad that I keep a few healthier options of prepacked snacks in my pantry for days like these! With several sick kids at home, I should have expected to get sick as well but it took me by surprise this morning. As I was fumbling for coffee and tissues at the same time, trying to get the two healthy kids to school on time, I was thankful for a few easy lunch options.

Quick and Easy Pantry Lunches in Easylunchboxes - mamabelly.com

Our new gray Urban Easylunchbox is packed with:

Quick and Easy Pantry Lunches in Easylunchboxes - mamabelly.com

Our gray Urban Easylunchbox is packed for middle school with:
  • pretzel spoons
  • all natural peanut butter for dipping
  • a turkey and cheese sandwich
  • an organic cereal bar
  • an a container of carrots and dip on the side 
This is what I used to make lunches (contains affiliate links):

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monbento for Mama: Spring (Forward) Lunch

I almost forgot about my bento today! With 4 days off due to snow, daylight savings and three kids waking up sick, my morning started off on the wrong foot for sure ;)
BUT, I am so thankful I remembered. The kids have little appetite and only want soft foods and my stomach clearly did not adjust to daylight saving, so I was relieved to simply pull out my lunch and have something healthy to eat - even if a little early today ;)

My Monbento is packed with a spring themed lunch:
  • left over Spaghetti Carbonara reminding me of sunny Italy
  • a salad made from carrots and cucumbers and decorated with butterfly cut outs
  • a banana
  • a few strawberries
  • and a few peanut butter crackers to tie me over until dinner. 

Hope your Monday started off well! We can get through Daylight Savings! Spring is in the air! (right?)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Monbento for my Kids: Monbento Tresor

I love my Monbento Original box and was therefore thrilled when Monbento announced that they would add a kids bento box to their line! Our Monbento Tresor arrived late last night and I am already in love! The quality of the lunchbox is superior and the design reminds me of my lunchboxes in Germany when I was in school! I haven't had the chance to take a lot of pictures yet but a full review is in the works!

The Monbento Tresor is packed with:
  • cucumber slices
  • a roll with chicken and lettuce
  • Annie's Snack Mix
  • Strawberries

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monbento for Mama: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


We love all of Dr. Seuss' books and are excited for the new book release in July. We always celebrate Dr. Seuss day but today we are doing it from home since schools are closed due to the weather. I asked the kids to gather some of their favorite books and help me make lunch. They came back with YERTLE THE TURTLE, THE CAT IN THE HAT and the LORAX. We all brainstormed ideas and together we packed this lunch and it was eaten right after the last picture was snapped!

Dr. Seuss Monbento Lunch - mamabelly.com

Our Monbento is packed in Dr. Seuss style with:
  • whimsical carrots, cucumber slices and carrot shaving Lorax tartuffolo trees
  • apple slices in Cat in the Hat style with a Cat in the Hat pick
  • and Yertle, the Turtle turtle sandwiches with butter, cheese and grape slices - all stacked up

Dr. Seuss Monbento Lunch - mamabelly.com

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


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