Friday, September 30, 2016

The Emmy's Go Nude! And You Can, Too!

Don't you ever wonder what's in those Emmy Swag Bags? I do! And this year, I know some of the awesome products that were in there. And you know the best thing? They were lunch gear from my FAVORITE company NUDE FOOD MOVERS. AND they will soon be available here in the States. BOOM!

I mean a Brekky aka Breakfast mover, cool snack tubes and drink bottles? Sign me up!
I will follow this closely and will let you know AS SOON AS these awesome Nude Food Movers product are available here!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Bella's Fall Coat - a Literary Lunch

I love all things fall (PSL - anyone?) just like Bella in BELLA'S FALL COAT written by Lynn Plourde and illustrated by Susan Gal.

Meet Bella and her favorite coat. Bella loves everything about fall: the leaves, the crisp apples, the geese AND her fall coat. It is getting worn out and old but she wants everything "fall" to last forever. Can Grams help keep Bella warm before the first snowfall? 

We packed a fall inspired lunch to celebrate Bella's love of fall:
  • spinach and apple leaves
  • chex mix to keep the geese from leaving
  • cheese crackers in Bella's favorite fall color
  • and a Bella chocolate and cherry sandwich

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Infamous Ratsos - a Literary Lunch

This lunch is also posted over at The Little Crooked Cottage as a Literary Lunch. Head over to the fabulous blog of three children's book authors and check out the wonderful Literary Interviews with Mr. Pig himself!

Meet Louie and Ralphie Ratso from Kara LaReau's new book THE INFAMOUS RATSOS, illustrated by Matt Myers:

Louie and Ralphie Ratso want to be TOUGH just like their Dad after their Mom dies. And they will show everybody how tough they are! The only problem is that every time they try to be tough and hard, they actually end up doing a good deed and show kindness and friendship. What will their Dad think when he hears what they have done? Would he want them to be more like him?

We packed an infamously tough lunch to accompany the book:
  • Tiny Crawley's hat on cheese crackers
  • Mrs. Porcupini's cereal bar soap 
  • Mr. O'Hare's hot chocolate pudding
  • and the Infamous Ratso Sandwich for Florinda Rabbitski : grilled cheddar with beets and pickled mushrooms! Yum-O!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Race Car Dreams - Blog Tour

I am part of a wonderful blog tour today, introducing RACE CAR DREAMS by the fabulous Sharon Chriscoe. My kids immediately fell in love with this sweet story of a little race car getting ready for bed!

My kids love cars, especially race cars and it is so fun to read this rhyming book to them. Going through our all too familiar bedtime routine in car terms is simply delightful and such a fun change to regular bedtime books.

To match this fun book we made a sleeping peanut butter and jelly race car sandwich with melted chocolate and jelly decorations. Served with a warm glass of bed, the best toddler food to guarantee race car filled dreams!

To see and read more about RACE CAR DREAMS follow along in our Blog Book Tour:

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Beautiful - Literary Blog Tour

This post contains affiliate links.

BEAUTIFUL written by Stacy McAnulty is an amazing book for young girls! It redefines beauty as something already inside of everyone. EVERY girl is beautiful! It encourages girls to embrace who they are and reach for the stars!

I particularly love that the words itself might not sound any different to what girls hear every day. But paired with the beautiful illustrations by Joanne Lew Vriethoff, the words suddenly mean so much more!

I loved reading this book to my daughter and see her eyes widen when she realized what the words really meant! Every girl should have this book!

If you want to read more about BEAUTIFUL, check out the Blog Tour below:


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