Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Little Red Gliding Hood - a Literary Lunch

This lunch is also posted over at The Little Crooked Cottage as a Literary Lunch. Head over to the fabulous blog of four children's book authors and check out the wonderful Literary Interviews with Mr. Pig himself! 

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Little Red Riding Hood is one of our favorite fairy tales.We LOVE Tara Lazar's clever fractured fairy tale spin, Little Red Gliding Hood, illustrated by Troy Cummings.

Easylunchboxes Literary Lunch Lunchbox School Lunch

In this sweet retelling of the well known fairy tale, Little Red uses her ice skates to navigate the enchanted forest and to skate to Grandma's every Sunday. Her skates are worn out and broken and she must win the Pairs Skating Competition to win BRAND_NEW SKATES. The only problem is: everyone in the enchanted forest already has a partner. This book is beautifully illustrated and the story is as sweet as can be. Can you guess who might help her compete in the Skating Competition?

Easylunchboxes Literary Lunch Lunchbox School Lunch

I created an enchanted lunch in our Easylunchboxes, perfect for any winter fun:
  • Organic MySuperCookie Honey Heroes competition spectators and, of course, brand new chocolate skates with sparkling sprinkles
  • enchanted berry yogurt with chocolate wolf decorations
  • a Little Red Gliding Hood jelly and chocolate sandwich.
Here are a few of the things I used to make this lunch (contains affiliate links):

Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Stromboli Lunch

Halloween is only 8 days away (my kids have been reminding me about 462 times a day) and it's time for some Halloween themed lunches in my house.

We love our Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Boxes and used them today to pack a fun Halloween Stromboli lunch:
  • a pepperoni and spinach Stromboli
  • pizza sauce
  • a monster kiwi

Strombolis are very easy to make and my kids love them. I don't add pizza sauce to mine but simply a filling like spinach or pepperoni and cheese. These are fail proof and easy and if you make enough for lunch and dinner you can take care of two meals at once! Gluten Free on a Shoestring has a great tutorial on her blog on how to make and fill these. If it has to go fast I simply use pizza dough from the refrigerated section in the supermarket. I use about 3 refrigerated doughs (the kind that comes in a can) to make enough for lunch and dinner for 6 people. 

And this cute Monster Kiwi was simply a peeled Kiwi with a kiwi peels kut into a monster mouth.

Things I used to make this lunch (contains affiliate links):

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halloween Mini RFLB

National Nude Food Day Lunch -

I am a Nude Food Day Ambassador this year trying to help keep plastic wrappings out of schools and to encourage others to use reusable lunch boxes. Using reusable lunch boxes is not only better for the environment but also better for your wallet. The average size family goes through over 500 plastic baggies a year, just for lunches, and the average school-age child generates 67 pounds of lunch trash per school year. Replacing disposable lunch items can save you up to $400/year!

National Nude Food Day Lunch -
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We packed our Mini Rubbish Free Lunch Box with a spooky Halloween themed lunch today:
  • Pumpkin Spice Mini Wheats (yes, they are as amazing as they sound!)
  • apple slices
  • and a "Scream Cheese" Cream cheese sandwich
Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY to win one of THREE Nude Food Movers prize packs!!

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Hand Picked Lunch

My son came to me this week and asked for more lunch in his lunchbox. I always have to smile when he comes to me with his very serious "we have to talk about your lunch box packing" face. Like all kids he goes through faces of very little or big appetites and it is hard to always know exactly how much to pack. I asked him to give me a list of foods he wanted in his lunchbox and then packed our Easylunchboxes according to his list:

Packed are:
  • a Cliff Bar Zbar (cut in half)
  • Pirates Booty
  • a rice roll and
  • three homemade onigiri

He came home happy and finished his left overs for snack. It is important to give our children input in the lunch packing! Include them in the choosing of the lunch foods and in determining how much food they need!

What I used to make this lunch (contains affiliate links):

Thursday, October 8, 2015

National Nude Food Day 2015 {with Giveaway}

I am happy to say that I am a Nude Food Day Ambassador this year! Nude Food Day is celebrated every day during October this year and you can participate as well! I started my blog to journal our experiences with rubbish-free, healthy lunches. I am originally from Europe and being eco-friendly and earth consciencious is part of every day live where I am from. I love using eco-friendly and waste-free products and doing my part of keeping the landfills free of plastic baggies and disposables. I am proud to team up with Nude Food Movers this year!

Nude Food Day is a global initiative developed to encourage kids and parents to eat well and live well, and eliminate all unnecessary packaging and wrapping that goes into schools. Lots of schools around Australia have taking the opportunity to be involved. Nude Food Day has also launched in the UK and have secured Eco Schools, Keep Australia Beautiful, Wildlife Warriors and Australia Zoo as partners.

The official Nude Food day falls onto October 16th this year which also coincides with  Australia's National Nutrition Week and World Food Day. Using waste-free lunch containers is not just keeping your school rubbish free but also can save you quite a few dollars! Buying bigger containers of food items like yogurt will save you money in the long run, keep plastic out of landfills and help preserve wildlife.

Wondering how you can get involved? 
  • Head over to Nude Food Day and register your school to participate in Nude Food Day 2015! 2015 marks the sixth year of Nude Food Day and to celebrate we are offering a MASSIVE $25,000 prize pool to six lucky schools!

  • Share your favourite Nude Food Recipes/Photos/Events with us and our global community! Remember to share it with us by using #NudeFoodDay
  • Enter to win one of three amazing Nude Food Prize Packs valued at over RRP $50 and containing: 
  • Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunchbox
  • Nude Food Movers Coolskin
  • Nude Food Movers Sandwich Box
  • Nude Food Movers Snack Box
  • Smash Sports Pop Top Drink Bottle
  • Smash Stealth Drink Bottle 500ml

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This Giveaway is open only to residents of AUSTRALIA. The winner will be notified via email and has 24h to claim the prize!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Everyone Loves Bacon - a Literary Lunch

This lunch is also posted over at The Little Crooked Cottage as a Literary Lunch. Head over to the fabulous blog of four children's book authors and check out the wonderful Literary Interviews with Mr. Pig himself! 

Do you love bacon? What a silly question, I know! Well, then you will enjoy the book EVERYONE LOVES BACON by Kelly Dipucchio and illustrated by Eric Wight

Since you love Bacon, you know, that he is very loved. So loved that Bacon started to love himself. A little bit too much. And he started to forget about the friends back home. Who felt sad without Bacon. Bacon had fans, he changed. He grew a mustache. He forgot even more about the friends he had and enjoyed the stardom. Will this book have a Hollywood Ending? Will it end well for Bacon?

To keep you from missing Bacon while you are out buying his book, I  made a lunch-on-the-run in Easylunchboxes that will make you guaranteed remember everything about... Bacon:
  • Sweet apples wrapped in bacon
  • Bacon Butter Popcorn*
  • and a Waffle-Egg-and-Bacon sandwich (with sweet apple decorations).

Things I used to make this lunch (contains affiliate links):


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