Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lunch Made Easy

Onigiri and Puzzle Sandwich School Lunches in Easylunchboxes -
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Lunch had to be fast this morning, since the gloomy weather kept everyone in bed much longer then normal. We went from summer weather and temperatures in the high 80s to rain, thunderstorms and temperatures in the 50s, brrr.

School Lunches in Easylunchboxes -

I used our favorite Easylunchboxes today to keep it simple and dublicated the lunches for ease and time. The first two lunches have:
  • kiwi slices
  • pretzels
  • a blueberry and oatmeal Jammy Sammy
  • and a puzzle shaped peanutbutter and jelly sandwich

Onigiri School Lunches in Easylunchboxes -

The second set of Easylunchboxes are filled with:
  • kiwi slices
  • pretzels
  • and two rice onigiri
  • not pictures are yogurt pouches


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