Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sunday is Earth Day!
To celebrate we are having an awesome Blog Hop again, so come and join the Earth day fun!

I don't always show everything I pack for the kids but today I wanted to show you that we only pack re-usable lunch containers and utensils. I always pack lunch in a re-usable lunch container like the EasyLunchboxes, the kids also bring a re-usable water bottle with ice water, a spork for yogurt and fruit and since last week a cloth napkin. There is always a yogurt in their lunch, too. I don't make yogurt myself, so that is our only throw away item. However, I do re-use yogurt containers for water coloring, bento pick storage and crafts, so they don't go in the trash either unless they are recycled at school :)

I made a no-waste lunch for today. There is the little boy holding and caring for the Earth sandwich decorated with melted chocolate from a left over chocolate Easter Bunny (re-use and recycle!), mini carrots with Earth bento picks, and yellow peppers with ranch dressing in a re-usable dip container decorated with a pepper heart. Because we heart the Earth. And of course everything is packed in my favorite re-usable EasyLunchboxes container!

If you wonder how I could have made a no-waste lunch with cookie cutter cut sandwiches, here is how:

I do have bread left overs when I cut sandwiches into shapes - obviously. But since I cut my bread before I put the filling in - I can save the rest.

Save the rest? Good question ;)

I save all my bread scraps in a freezer bag in my freezer and once it is full I cut all scraps into cubes and make French Toast Casserole :)

I makes the best French Toast Casserole and I feel good about not throwing away good food :)

Especially if you saw the Food Network Special "Hunger Hits Home" you know why I am especially careful about not wasting food. It is so hard to know that 1 out of 4 children under the age of 5 goes hungry every day here in the United States and I always urge my kids to remember that we should not waste food if others have none!

If you wonder what to do with veggie and other left over scraps, check out this post from BentOnBetterLunches!

Happy Earth Day 2012!

And now please check out Keeley's Earthy lunch here:

Helping with one no-waste lunch at a time!


  1. Nice bento and great info for taking care of our earth.

  2. Nina!! You're awesome :) for a mama with such a busy week you made a fab lunch and post!
    I love saving bread scraps too for homemade croutons. :)
    Love it!

  3. What a cute little earth caretaker! And I REALLY love that I'm not the only one who hoards scraps of bread from sandwiches. I've never made a French Toast Casserole but now I'm going to have to look it up :)

  4. Mmm, thank you so much for the great idea! We make A LOT of crusts :) And thanks for the link too! <3

  5. Great job Nina! I also save my crusts. Then I toss them with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar and bake them...my kids eat them like french fries!

  6. Love your post!!! I'd love to see a post on your recipe for the french toast casserole!

  7. Great job and tutorial and the lunch looks cute :)

  8. Really loving the new to me ideas for bread scraps. I don't use croutons that much so this is a fabulous idea! Cute lunch too!

  9. I LOVE your idea for the bread scraps! Do you have a recipe for the French Toast Casserole?

  10. Love the post n ur cute box! :)

  11. Thank you , Ladies! Lise and Michelle: Recipe will be coming up. I have a good one :) Sorry, I somehow cannot reply individually to my comments anymore??

    1. Hooray for the recipe! Boo to comments being screwy :(

  12. Ha..I just eat the extra stuff.. :) although I don't make too many cookie cutter lunches..I love this lunch..

  13. Great idea for earth day. Looking forward to reading more on your blog!

  14. Wow! love your lunch ideas! btw have you seen the fabulous lunchboxes at http://www.goodbyn.com/ ? the combo of your food and these fab boxes would be a match made in heaven! Looking forward to following more posts.... Lizzi



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