Thursday, April 12, 2012

1/2 Birthdays and Baking adventures

We have a rich tradition of celebrating Half Birthdays in our family! The rule is: you have to self-promote the birthday to celebrate. Until recently the kids always forgot and it was mostly an adult tradition. Well, until last month when my 5 year old remembered and in turn got to celebrate his 1/2 birthday. It was such fun! Today is my 9 year old's 1/2 birthday and since he did promote it I wanted to do a little baking and make something fun! I did make vanilla and chocolate cupcakes since he asked for those but had so much dough left over I thought a black and white cake would be fun. Half and Half :)

Well, the baking Gods had something else in mind and this is what I found in the oven after the cake batter rose:

I was crushed at first that the cake did not come out as planned but then went with it. It does look very cool, doesn't it?

The kids all could not wait to cut it and they were rewarded with this:

and then the best thing was that every slice was different:

from round to

Batman and everything in between!

It also helped that the cake was still warm, but the kids thought that my shape changing chocolate and vanilla cake was the best 1/2 birthday cake we have had!

And my son of course got a birthday lunch. He wanted simple and not a birthday bento, so he got a simple lunchbox for today.

He has a salami roll with lettuce, veggie sticks, grapes and a vanilla cupcake with melted chocolate decorations.

Happy 9 1/2 Birthday!

Have a great day and Happy Half Birthday to you - if it is your 1/2 birthday today ;)



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