Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Monday

Easter Monday in Germany is still a holiday and a big part of the Easter Celebration. So, even though we had to be back to school and work today here in the US, our lunches will have the Bunny and Easter theme one more day :)

My daughter has an Easter egg sandwich decorated with Nutella and sprinkles. She also has strawberries and some traditional German Easter candy. I packed her ice water and yogurt, too.

My son has a bunny sandwich decorated with Nutella, popcorn, a half an apple with a bunny face (I just carved the bunny face with a knife - spare the eyes and lifted the peel off ) and carrots with peanut butter dip. He also has a small German Easter Bunny chocolate. In his lunchbox is also ice water and a yogurt.

My youngest son has a bunny sandwich decorated with Nutella, Goldfish crackers, cold brown rise and left over Roast beef from yesterday. He also has a little German Easter Bunny candy, ice water and yogurt.

Well, even the adults and my oldest son had delicious Roast Beef left over wraps today, mhmm. No decorated lunches but everyone had a little treat in their lunch box. I made the wraps with whole Wheat wraps, salad, shredded carrots and Roast Beef.

(I apologize for the light quality. I took the picture last night since some of us had a very early start :)

Happy Easter Monday!

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