Monday, June 18, 2012

Field Day Round Up

We have had one busy week packed with fun at school and at home. I haven't been able to blog their lunches and will do some round ups to catch you up:)

Here is our Field Day Round Up!

First off, my first grader had a field trip to a local farm to learn all about bugs. So, of course I had to do a bug themed lunch:

He brought ice water and a yogurt and we packed apple slices sprinkled with lemon juice and decorated with cute ladybug picks, veggie sticks with a chocolate lady bug treat and a Nutella sandwich on whole wheat bread decorated as a ladybug with melted chocolate and candy eyes :)

 My fourth grader had a beach day at school with lots of fun in the water and sun, so his lunch is  beach themed:

He packed ice water and Guacamole dip (under the Babybel cheese) and whole wheat Tortilla chips, a babybel cheese, a pumpkin seed roll with butter and jelly, some cheddar-jack cheese and a chocolate chip cookie. The cute sea creature pick in his lunch are cupcake toppers from :)

My Kindergartner had a field trip to the park today and had to pack a disposable lunch. Also, everything had to be labeled clearly, so I came up with this (for privacy I removed his name from all the containers with a photo program before posting but they were on there so he knew what was his :)

My son picked Doc McStuffins as a theme for today. So I went and printed out some pictures on sticker paper and added his name (removed) so his lunch would be properly labeled. We made a new label for his water bottle, carrying bag and lunch container.

I always save plastic containers for occasions like this and we found a great paper bag with handles and a fennel plastic container that snaps shut to redecorate  :)

I taped a disposable plastic spoon for apple sauce on the inside of the lid and added a napkin before adding his lunch to make it more fun!

He packed a 1/2  Nutella sandwich with melted chocolate decorations...

...grapes in a disposable plastic container, an apple sauce, a cereal bar and some oatmeal cranberry cookies. He also has his water bottle with the new label that I froze for a couple of hours this morning to keep it cold until lunch. All is packed in a paper bag and the frozen water bottle also will keep the lunch cool until they eat :)

For more great ideas on how to pack a fun disposable lunch please click here:

Happy Monday and Happy Field Trips - if you still have some coming up!


  1. I love this Nina! I will definitely do this in Fall. May I ask where to buy the stickers? I don't seem to see this sizes at Target (where I normally shop). How do I resize image for the water bottle?

  2. Marie, I bought sticker paper at Staples and just printed and cut it to size. I believe it is 8x11.
    I printed the bottle label alos and cut to size and I may just have been lucky that it fit so well :)

  3. THis is absolutely awesome.. and I think we will head to Staples and buy some sticker paper..I can now buy plain reusable containers and just add stickers..and taping the spoon to the top of the lid, pure Genius..I say Pure genius..

  4. what a great idea! You are a genius!



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