Thursday, August 29, 2013

BLTs {4 ways}

BLT school lunch sandwiches. Packed four different ways -

B(acon) L(ettuce) T(omato) sandwiches are great for school! You can cook the bacon the night or day before and they are assembled fast in the morning. We packed them this morning and I was able to pack all four lunches in under 20 minutes!

BLT school lunch sandwich in Easylunchboxes -

My second grader loves Spiderman, so his Spiderman BLT is packed in our Easylunchboxes with a few strawberries and Cheddar bunny crackers. He also packed ice water and a cereal bar.

BLT school lunch sandwich in Easylunchboxes -

My third grader loves jokes so I added a few funny picks to his BLT. Lunch is packed in Easylunchboxes as well with strawberries and cheese crackers. Ice water and a cereal bar was also packed in his cooler bag.

BLT school lunch sandwich in our Goodbyn Bynto lunchbox -

This lunch is packed in our Goodbyn Bynto and for my four year old. She wanted lots of strawberry hearts with her BLT on a stick and I packed her cucumbers and carrots as well as a few cheese crackers. 

BLT school lunch sandwich in our Laptop Lunches lunchbox -

My middle schooler packed his BLT in Laptop Lunches and we added:
  • strawberries
  • half an apple
  • cheese crackers
  • cinnamon almonds
  • mini pickles and
  • a cereal bar.

Things I used to make lunch (contains affiliate links):


  1. Yum! I love seeing all the ways you can present the same foods :D

  2. Love the idea of basically 1 meal done different ways for different ages/tastes/etc.



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