Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HOW TO PACK A BENTO BOX {with picture tutorial}

I have gotten lots of questions on HOW TO PACK A BENTO BOX so everything actually looks as cute as it was when you packed it. So I decided to show you how I packed my Moose bento box from the previous Literary Lunch post: Duck, Duck, Moose! Instructions on how to make the Moose sandwich can be found in that post as well!

1.) Get all your bento box ingredients ready.

  • the sandwich (how-to instructions HERE
  • fruit or vegetables, washed and ready to use
  • crackers, nuts or any other smaller foods that can fill the empty spaces of the bento
2.) Place the sandwich first.

Since the sandwich was the biggest part of this lunch I placed the sandwich carefully first (the blueberries are glued on with peanut butter and the nose and nostrils are "glued' with peanut butter as well so I know those parts won't move (more DETAILS here).

3.) Place the rest of the lunch items to fill the spaces around the sandwich.

I started with the crackers on one side...

...and added the fruit to the other side to separate the two foods and prevent the crackers from getting soggy.

Then I filled the spaces between the antlers with almonds.

Lastly, I added a sprinkle smile to the sandwich and used honey to make them stick to the sandwich.

All you need now is a lid and a hungry child :)


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