Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Same Lunch - 3 Ways

Packing lunches does not have to take long or be stressful - even if you pack multiple lunches in the morning! The end of the school year is in sight and I know a lot of us are loosing our lunch packing mojo. Me included! After several weeks of pizza wheels and homemade lunchables, lunches were coming home uneaten and I had lost my patience with lunch packing.

So, I decided to go back to the basics. We all sat down and decided on a few thing everyone wanted in their lunchbox. Tastes differ and not every kid likes everything, but we could agree on the basics.

Here are today's lunches. Same ingredients - almost - and ranging from first to eighth grade!

First Grade Lunch

Same Lunch, 3 Ways - mamabelly.com

My daughter does not eat much for lunch, so I choose our Lock&Lock box today. She has:
  • mini cucumber slices
  • a raspberry greek yogurt muffin
  • a ham, cheese and spinach mini roll
  • grapes
  • and a Superwoman Chobani tube yogurt 

Fourth Grade

Same Lunch, 3 Ways - mamabelly.com

This lunch is packed in our Arctic Zone lunchbox and contains the exact same ingredients as above - just more of it! My son has:
  • mini cucumber slices 
  • a raspberry greek yogurt muffin
  • three ham mini rolls
  • grapes
  • and a Batman Chobani tube yogurt 

Eighth Grade

Same Lunch, 3 Ways - mamabelly.com

My middle schooler needs more food than his siblings, so we packed his lunch in Easylunchboxes and added a cereal bar. However, still the same ingredients:
  • mini cucumber slices
  • raspberry greek yogurt muffin instead he had:
  • a peanut butter mini cereal bar instead of the muffin
  • four chicken, cheese and spinach mini rolls
  • grapes
  • a Flash Chobani tube yogurt 
Planning with your kids makes packing lunches so much easier! If the basics are the same, you can pack lunches so much faster! Swapping an ingredient is not a big deal and everyone is happy in the end.

What I used to make these lunches (contains affiliate links):


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