Thursday, August 3, 2017

milkdot Lunchbox REVIEW

Back to School for my kids is not until September but I am already busy planning and shopping for the things we will need. I came across milkdot and their amazing Stöh insulated lunch bags. If you have never heard about milkdot, you need to check out their website! I love how many colors they offer!! They offered to send me an insulated lunch bag and I can tell you that it was hard to choose!

I love stripes, so I picked the Green Apple Stripes Stöh and I am so happy I did! EVERYONE in my house loves this lunchbox and this color is so versatile (kids, adults, boys, girls).

The lunchbox is really well made, the colors are vibrant and fun and I love how much room it has!

Do you hate writing on your newly purchase lunchbox with permanent marker to be able to find it again at the school's lost &found 2 weeks after school starts? Me, too. But, milkdot though of that and the back of the lunchbox has a little tag for either a name, picture or sticker!!

Perfect for my family! We label everything!! (that is not actually my son's name but you know privacy and all that, so I photoshopped it in, so you can see how cute it will look ;)

Also, that little pocket can hold lunchbox notes, napkins or when you take the lunchbox to work the little name tag.

Another huge plus for me is that it folds flat for storage. I have four kids and about 48 lunch bags and one small cabinet in the kitchen. So, huge bonus for me!

The other space plus: it is roomy! and you can keep water bottles or shakes upright which will prevent at least some of my kids from spilling theirs when they don't close the bottles after lunch completely!

Here is my daughter's lunch for today and it all fits: I used a Planetbox Shuttle, stainless steel 10 oz water bottle and...

...there was room for a placemat, cereal bar and there would have been room for a snack box as well!

Still on the fence? Here is the same lunchbox with my 24oz coffee tumbler and a snack bag with almonds.

Same lunchbox again, plus a protein shaker, cereal bar and snack bag.

I LOVE this bag and have taken it already many times on the go for myself. I really love that drinks stay upright, it is fun and bright (I have gotten a ton of complements) and there is enough room for an adult lunch, kid lunch and high school lunch.


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