Friday, May 25, 2012

Lunch Wishes

My 5YO asked me the other night to make him a truck lunch. So we looked through our cookie cutters together and he picked a fire truck and a "Zoo" truck. He helped me cut out the bread and then we decided how to decorate the trucks together. I used Nutella and a icing bag to draw the details on the trucks :) It was so much fun to let him tell me what he would like and he was so proud of his lunch!

This lunch has veggie sticks, grapes and two truck sandwiches made out of whole wheat bread and Nutella. He also packed an ice water and a yogurt!

Since my cookie cutters were already neatly set out on the counter  pretty much all over the counter my 7YO also wanted to pick a lunch :) He handed me a snowman shape and requested a vampire. I kept looking at the snowman shape wondering why he had picked that perticuliar one for the vampire until he laughed and turned it around in my hand. Pretty cool!

And this is how the lunch looked with the Vampire sandwich:

This vampire lunch turned out really cute! We packed a Chobani Kitchen Blueberry and Milk Chocolate Chip Breakfast Muffin (recipe will follow) with a bat fruit leather, "bloody" starwberries and of course the vampire :) I used Nutella and an icing bag, two candy eyes and fruit leather for his mouth and teeth. We also packed a yogurt and ice water :)

I love when my kids get excited about lunch and I love when they want to be creative and help!
They were so proud of their lunches and needless to say, the lunchboxes were licked clean by the time they got home :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. This is so cool, Nina! The vampire lunches blew me away. The chocolate details did the trick! I think this would work with my little girl who's addicted to Nutella. Just have to get that magic icing bag. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

  2. Wow, love how ur did the details with nutella. :) N Ur boy's really creative to see the vampire, n the vampire u made him is very cool. :)

  3. Wow, I love both lunches! I'll have to try decorating with Nutella sometime. I get so frustrated trying to decorate with food markers on bread!

  4. This is the first vampire lunch I've seen! :)

  5. Was für eine kreative Idee, die Form einfach zu drehen und was Du draus gemacht hast!



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