Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's not Friday?

All morning I had that spring in my step only Fridays can bring. The heaviness of the week had gone and the weekend was just one day away - or so it seemed. Until, I wandered too close to the kitchen calendar only to discover in shock and awe that today was only Thursday. Sighing and feeling like this week must have an extra day I started to look for bread to make lunch. Matching this morning I discovered that my bread had a hole - an air bubble - all through the bread. Right through the middle. But then it hit me. We could turn this day around with a little fun. And so the " What do you mean, it's not Friday? Bread" was created ;)

Lunch already brough early morning giggles from my kids! I packed Goldfish Adventure crackers, a yogurt and blueberries on garden bento picks, well, and of course our shocked bread.  

 Here is to a happy Thursday!


  1. Poor shocked bread! I wish it was Friday too :D

  2. Hihi - diese Tage kenne ich! Manchmal bin ich auch falsch mit den Tagen :-)



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