Friday, February 15, 2013

Vapur Review

Vapur generously sent me two of their Anti-bottles to review and I am so glad they did because it changed the way my kids think about water!

About two years ago when I first started this blog we put away all disposable lunch plastic bags and disposable drink containers and moved everybody to reusable water bottles and reusable lunch boxes in an attempt to reduce trash and be more eco-friendly. We have and enjoy many water bottles but these water pouches just top everything else in convenience and fun!

I love the Element Water bottle! It holds 0.7 l of water and is perfect for the gym or while out running errands! Plus, you can freeze the bottle overnight and take it with you and it will defrost much faster then other bottles which is great if you are like me and always forget to take the bottles out of the freezers in time!

I also love the fact that you can roll - yes roll! - all Vapur bottles when empty!

Being able to roll the bottles makes them perfect for on the go!

They fit easily in my small purse at the end of the day or to grab one to fill up while on the go!

Another feature I love is that they are dishwasher proof! Yes! Easy to clean thanks to their wide mouth opening once you remove the cap and we have washed ours regularly in the dishwasher - such a time saver!

I also find their spout really easy to drink from and love the tight seal of the cap!

Vapur also sent us the 14 oz Quencher for kids. A HUGE hit in our house!

It has all the same great features as the Element but with kid-friendly features! I love that the spout is just like any sports bottle which make it easy to drink out of and the best part for my kids were the stickers! They had so much fun making their very own water bottle!

They clip their water bottles to their backpacks and roll them after lunch! They are also great for our afternoon sports since they clip to all our backpacks, sports equipment and bags!

When I first received the bottles my 10 year old took a look at the Quencher and deemed it to "baby-ish." He immediately grabbed one of the Element bottles and claimed them for his own. However, when I asked him to let me take a picture of his bottle I found this:

An Element Water bottle with some of the Quencher stickers!! His brother had shared the stickers and he made his own "cool" bottle! The Vapur Anti-bottles are now approved by all kids 3-10 :)

And to give you an idea of the size of the Vapur bottles I took pictures in comparison to a regular water bottle:

Remember when I mentioned that Vapur changed the way my kids think about water?

My kids love their bottles so much {and Vapur sent us two more so we have one for each child} they now fill their water bottles themselves and bring them everywhere. Therefore they drink a lot more water then before! We tote our water bottles everywhere and even use them around the house since they are all personalized with their own monsters and we can keep them apart easily.

To sum up, here are the features we love:

  • Made in USA
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe
  • Supercap for a tight seal
  • carabiner hook to attach to all bags
  • flexible and freezable
  • Quencher comes with lots of sticker
  • Quencher has sports cap for kids
  • In my opinion: none!


  1. Nina, this is excellent information! I have been looking for a new water bottle for my kids--this will be perfect! Thanks for the great review!

    1. I am so glad my review was helpful! We really love these bottles and I hope you will, too :) Nina

  2. Are these sold at target? Love your blog.!

    1. Thank you so much for your interest! They are available online at Target as well but I like the selection and free shipping with Amazon Prime.



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