Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A snack for lunch

We packed lunch in our yumbox again today. This lunch is for my first grader who eats very little for lunch. He chose all the different foods himself and because I know that he will eat a warm snack once he is home I let him choose snacky foods today.

He chose popcorn, Berry Blossoms cereal from Kashi, a cereal bar, two mini grape jelly sandwiches and mini peppers cut up.

I found these cute mini cookie cutters on Amazon and I love how they came out!

I love using our yumbox at home as well. My 3 year old daughter wanted a lunch box lunch and what better box to use then our yumbox :)

We packed popcorn, apples, oranges, a small amount of vanilla yogurt to dip the apples in, pretzels, two mini strawberry jelly sandwiches and a half a banana. And now there is a very happy 3 year old munching on lunch :)



  1. Hey wow there is so much cool stuff on amazon in de USA..
    I love the neverendig ideas of you how to use them...


  2. Love the little sandwiches! So cute!

  3. Both lunches are very cute and I am so jealous of your Yumbox! Thank you for linking up!



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