Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Angry Bird Lunch

As the last days of school for this year approach I wanted to make a few more favorite lunches.
Angry Birds and King Pig are always on the top of the list:

Our Easylunchboxes box is packed with some Angry Bird cookies, apple slices with a bag of Angry Bird fruit snacks and two King Pig sandwiches decorated with candy eyes.

Other Angry Bird themed lunches from this year (click on the picture for more info ):

Things I used to make this lunch:


  1. I love the King Pig sandwich. And thank you for linking the products ... makes me think I might actually be able to make an Angry Birds sandwich my kid can recognize =/

  2. Hello Mama Belly,

    I am searching for the crown mold you used on the pig. I clicked on the picture but could not seem to find it on that page. I thought that maybe I could google the product name but I cannot read the package. Do you happen to know the name of the product with the crown mold (I found the pig)? Thanks you!!

    1. Hi Miss Paffie, there is a crown cutter available from Bento USA but I am not sure if it is exactly the same one as pictured above. Here is the link: Crown Bento Cutter  Hope this helps! ~ Nina



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