Monday, November 19, 2012

Go Green Lunch Box Review

The wonderful folks at Go Green Lunch Box sent me a Go Green Lunch Box to review and I packed a couple of lunches to see how we like it:

Today's lunch is an CuteZCute Angry Bird Pig chocolate spread sandwich, Angry Bird crackers with a cheese stick, a cereal bar, sunflower seeds and some fruit snacks and a yogurt as well as a bottle of ice water. 

I also packed a lunch around Halloween containing a pretzel roll with cold cuts, cheese and lettuce, a cereal bar, cheese and crackers, oranges and apples and a vanilla yogurt as well as ice water.

The first thing I noticed packing the lunchbox is that it has very deep compartments and you can fit a lot of food - which is perfect especially for my 5th Grader. I also liked right away that there was a space for the water bottle and that the bottle is stainless steel.

My boys really like the cool carrying case and even though it is not washable so far we had no issues since the lunch box is leak proof.

I really liked that it comes with a name tag since things do get lost and this tag matches the carrying bag!

Another neat feature is the little white board in the lid of the carrying bag. You can write your child a sweet note and have enough room to include a spoon, straw or napkin.

Also perfect for lunch notes!

My older kids really liked the wide mouth water bottle and I liked how easy it was to add ice. However for the little kids (3 and 5) it was hard to drink out of and I switched out the water bottle with one with a spout for now until they get a little bigger.

There are so many great features this lunchbox offers like the secure leak proof lid, the turn 'n' lock technology that keeps food fresh and the retention clips that help keep the lid attached to the lunch box. 


  • Lots of compartments
  • leak proof lid which makes packing yogurt and applesauce a no mess affair
  • retention clips to keep the lid attached to the lunch box
  • a 9 oz stainless steel water bottle
  • a whiteboard for leaving notes
  • a insulated cooler bag 
  • that it is BPA, lead, leach and phthalate free


  • I would love to have the option to buy a water bottle with a spout for younger kids. This can be easily solved however by swapping out water bottles until they are older.
  • The lid is not dishwasher safe and you have to remove the silicone bands when washing. It does not take long however and since I wash several lunch items by hand I do not mind.



  1. Great review...even your angry birds seem to like it!!

  2. What an awesome lunchbox!!! Very cool :)

  3. this is the best review and pictures of this lunch box that i have seen, now would it be great for a kindergarten child? or is this too hard to open handle?

    1. Yes, I think a Kindergartner could handle this box. I would just practice at home how to open the box and reclose it so that your child feels comfortable using it! My first, second and fifth grader use this box without any issues. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

  4. I just orded two of these, after reading your reveiw iam now sure ill like them as mich as I was hoping. .thanks



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