Monday, September 23, 2013

Look! Lunch! {Gluten Free}

Here are two recent gluten free school lunches. We are trying to keep one of my sons gluten free to determine if that would help with the recent bouts of stomachaches he has been having. I am very new to gluten free so we are still learning :)

Our yubo is packed with a gluten free lunch today:
  • a Cocoa Loco bar from Enjoy Life
  • Naturebox Cranberry Almond bites
  • two tuxedo wearing onigiri
  • applesauce and
  • a gluten free coconut chocolate chip muffin - home made with rice flour

Our Laptop Lunches bento box is packed with:
  • a gluten free coconut and blueberry muffin
  • gluten free popcorn
  • almonds
  • a gluten free cheese sandwich and
  • apple sauce

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