Monday, October 14, 2013

Thermos School Lunch Week Feature

Thermos sent us some new fun lunch items so we would be able to pack healthy and fun lunches for National School Lunch Week. As always we had a lot of fun testing them out and packing lunches!

First up: Hello Kitty Preschool Lunch

Thermos send us this adorable Hello Kitty FUNtainer Food Jar and Hello Kitty Dual Compartment Lunch kit. Did I mention how adorable the set it? The perfect set for my 4 year old. 

The FUNtainer Food Jar keeps food hot for 5 hours and cold for up to 7 hours. You can check out my FUNtainer review HERE for ideas on packing oatmeal and Swiss muesli for brunch and my photo tutorial on packing fruit parfaits for school HERE. I love that I can send everything from cut up fruit to yogurt and soup without having to worry that my kids will get it either warm and mushy or cold and unappetizing. They are also easy to open and from my 4 YO to my 10 YO these are our favorite food jars!

So what did we pack for lunch?

We packed our Hello Kitty Lunch kit with:

Everything fit perfectly!
I love how soft the Hello Kitty Lunch pack is and how roomy! The convenient bottom compartment holds our FUNtainer water bottle with ice pack and the top has plenty of room for a lunchbox and Thermos! 2 thumbs up!

Next: Scooby Doo Mystery Van Lunch Kit

My kids are huge Scooby Doo fans so they simply loved this lunch kit for what it was: A Scooby Doo Mystery Machine! And I can't blame them. This lunch kit rocks!

I love that you open this lunch kit from the back or trunk! My kids loved that detail! The lunch kit is VERY roomy! It fit our Easylunchboxes, plus a Thermos FUNtainer water bottle, an apple and a quick snack for after school! I forgot to take a picture of it filled so I had to settle for an after school picture but you can see how big the lunchbox is!

What's for lunch?

We of course packed a Scooby Doo lunch in our Scoopy Doo Mystery Machine lunch kit and Easylunchboxes:
  • We packed ghost chips for the mystery they solve every time
  • baby carrots and apples with a hot dog and pizza pick since Scooby and Shaggy are ALWAYS hungry
  • and Scooby's dog tag made with Honey Wheat bread, cheese, lettuce and cheese letters
Scooooooobbbbbbyyyyyy Dooooooooooo.

Last but not least: R2D2 Lunch

This Star Wars R2D2 lunch kit again is surprisingly roomy and suited for bigger appetites or snack and lunch combined. It was very well received by my Star Wars fans and the padded handle makes this lunch kit easy to carry

Besides the size this lunch kit has another amazing feature:

Have you guessed it yet? Light and Sound! Any little Star Wars fan would love this lunch kit!

So, what did we come up with for lunch?

We kept it simple with a Lunchbot:
  • lightsaber strawberries
  • two PBJ sandwiches shaped like C-3PO
  • and a Star Wars apple

We were able to fit all this with room to spare!

Where can you find all these fun products? Right here (contains affiliate links):


  1. Amazing lunches! Love how they coordinated with their new lunch bags!!! Love those thermos bags!

  2. Awesome lunches!! Wish that Thermos can send me Hello Kitty as well ^_^ Haha....



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