Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday Bento

My son is turning 6 today! I cannot believe it!

Of course we needed a celebratory lunch and packed a chocolate sandwich (my Mom would pack those as a treat for me and my sister on special occasions), popcorn, some cookies and Unreal chocolate covered peanuts. He also has ice water, yogurt and a small veggie snack :)

Happy Birthday!

This lunch was really quick and easy! I had a cake shaped cookie cutter but it is just as easy to cut the crust off the bread with a sharp vegetable knife. I added the chocolate my Mom sent me but you can also use melted chocolate as a filling. It will harden and it is delicious :) I then piped the decorations with melted chocolate on the bread. It takes about 10 min in the fridge to dry. The candle on top is a cupcake topper and I packed freshly popped popcorn and some treats as well. Wish I could see his face when he sees it at lunch :)



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