Thursday, September 27, 2012

GreenPaxx Reusable & Eco-friendly Cool Straw and Cool Cap Review and Giveaway

A little while ago, Cindy from GreenPaxx sent us two Cool Straws and one Cool Cap to review (and some for YOU! Scroll down to enter my giveaway!) and we fell in love right away! We love making smoothies after school and these straws are not only reusable, eco-friendly and fun but also got some of my more reluctant kids to try some different smoothies because they loved to use these straws!

We have always made fruit smoothies but I wanted to try a green smoothie with my kids, too (There is a great Kale Smoothie video with recipe on the GreenPaxx website!) I did not make the exact green smoothie  because I wanted to ease my kids in to the idea of a green smoothie and therefore added some plain yogurt and a little coconut milk to make it not quite as green :)

Here is the test. What will they think?

They loved it and asked for more!

Everyone was home ~ I have 4 kids ~ when I served the fruit smoothie but we only had two straws. You can see why the two kids with the disposable straws were pretty upset and I had to make individual smoothies right after the picture was taken:
 Greenpaxx straws are bigger, wider, easier to drink from and well a lot more exciting then those flimsy other ones!

We also received a GreenPaxx Cool Cap and I use it a lot to carry my glass of water around the house. However, as you can see my daughter loves drinking water with the GreenPaxx Straw and lid, too, and I love that I can give her a regular glass with a top. I find this easier then trying to assemble some of these other sippy cups. It makes it also easy to just take your ice coffee, smoothie or water with you if you have errands to run, kids to pick up or are running late and have to turn your coffee into a quick to go coffee :)

I really like the Greenpaxx Cool Straws and Cool Caps because:
  • They are reusable! We drink a lot of smoothies, water and kefir and we used to go through disposable straws fast! 4 kids + 2 adults! 
  • They are easy to clean! Other re-usable straws we have tried before were always hard to clean       or there was residue left after washing, yuck. GreenPaxx straws come apart (see picture) and you can literally see if they are clean! Oh, and did I mention they are dishwasher safe! Win!

  • They prevent spills! The caps are not 100% leakproof but have saved my car and laptop several times from spills which are just a reality when you have kids!
  • They help the enviroment by keeping straws out of our landfills!
Overall, I have to say I love GreenPaxx and I will have to order some more straws!

And the best part is: You can win 2 Cool Caps and 4 Straws by entering my RaffleCopter below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is the fine print:
Please leave me an email address so I can email you. If I cannot contact you I will re-draw the prize. The winner has 48h to contact me or I will have to re-draw the winner. This giveaway is offered to US residents only. Please do not enter this giveaway if you have received free products from GreenPaxx within the past 3 months. GreenPaxx supplied me with two straws and 1 Cool Cap. All opinions are my own!


  1. I love that the straws are bigger! The disposable straws just don't cut it for a thick smoothies, need those thick straws!!

  2. cool straws in pink are so cute!

  3. I like the Cool Cap two pack because it offers a straw option with a lid that fits almost any cup!

  4. Love the pink cool straws!!


  5. love the straw/cap combo. what a great idea. love that the straws are bigger - easier to clean!

  6. I love the Cool cap two pack. I have so many cups of different sizes so it's great that it is so versatile!

  7. I was just thinking of these. I'd get the green/blue cap and straw combo.

  8. Love the straws.. we have a notorious chewer of straws and I would LOVE these things!

  9. I adore the fact the caps can fit on regular cups and glasses. Awesome.

  10. i really like the cool cap and the straws! what a great idea! My son is 6 but i still don't like giving him regular cups with no lid because he tends to be a little messy and spills are inevitable! This would be a great solution and it's fun!

    you have a great name too! ;)

    1. So do you :) My maiden name used to start with S :)

  11. I like the straws because they are easy to bring with me wherever I go.

  12. Love the straws! My kid will be happy using it :) I love that they are ecofriendly :)

  13. I'd like to try the straws and lids. We use a lot of straws...mostly reusable ones, but they get nasty after a while.

  14. I love the blue caps and that they are ecofriendly.

  15. I think the straws would be UBER handy! All those times the lids and sippy cups get separated ( I think there is a monster in my cupboard that eats them, like the one in the dryer that eats socks). And the fact that it reduces waste is pretty niffy as well!

  16. These are great. I love the cap/straw combo. My kids are always trying to wander out of the kitchen with glasses of water. What a great way to reduce spills.

  17. Cool cap two pack is awesome. My kids and I would love it! Ooh they have pink! Lol you can email me at Sistatv at gmail dot com

  18. I'm loving the blue cool caps!!

    lilmisschicky at hotmail dot com

  19. I want the cool cap two pack and the cool straws.

  20. I would love to get a couple of the caps...much more grown up than a sippy cup!

  21. I love that the caps fit on so many size cups/glasses, I love that the caps and straws come in either pink or blue, and I hope they add more colors soon.

  22. I love the drink caps! I am a frequent drink spiller in my car and this will save my seats!
    Maureen Penny
    maureenpenny43 @

  23. I like how the lid is spillproof and the straws are big!!!



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