Monday, September 10, 2012

G is for Gorilla

I found a cute Gorilla Omusubi set on Ebay a while ago and they finally arrived. My boys love them because they think the Gorillas look angry ~ to me they just looks like they have Unibrows. I'll let you judge ;)

Baby Gorilla is filled with Parmesan Couscous from last night and is packed in a coconut tree of chicken sandwiches, spinach leaves and two mini oatmeal cookies. I also packed apples and Goldfish crackers.

Mommy Gorilla (also filled with Parmesan Couscous) is nestled in Spinach leaves in between chicken sandwiches.  Packed also are apples and Goldfish crackers. 

Angry (?) Daddy Gorilla (too much Parmesan Couscous in his belly?) refused any kind of leaves and is just nestled in between a few SunButter sandwiches with a monkey playing in some apples next to Goldfish crackers. 

Happy Monday!



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