Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Animal Parade

I recently won the Critter Cutters Lunch Punch set from my friend Kandice of {we aren't scared of sugar} and I had been wanting to use it. It was a cold and dreary morning and I thought the perfect morning for some cheery lunches!

Here is what we packed for lunch today:

I packed apple sauce and some homemade banana bread as well as an organic vanilla yogurt cereal bar to go with our Dog Lunch Punch sandwich. The sandwich is whole wheat bread with chocolate spread and organic artificial color and flavor free sprinkles. My son loved the idea of the dog in his dog house and I loved how easy it was to make this sandwich. Lunch Punches really are a fun lunch making tool!

I love how this came out. Don't you?

I also packed an Elephant Lunch Punch sandwich. Again, with apple sauce, home made banana bread and organic vanilla yogurt bar. This time the sprinkles are regular sprinkles.

I like this elephant sandwich just as much :)

The other matching utensils I had were mini chickens and since the Critter Lunch Punch does not include a chicken I used some of my bento stencils to make this chicken. This lunch as well has home made banana bread, applesauce and a cereal bar.

I cannot get enough of these sprinkle fairy sandwiches - thank you Kandice for the idea!



  1. Super duper cute! Love the window sandwiches!

  2. Yummy!! Love your fairy bread :)

  3. Very cute! The weather has been getting rather cold and blustery here as well. Love the lunch punches [especially the puppy, haven't seen that one before]. New to your blog, but I am really enjoying it so far. :)

    Happy Packing!

    1. Thank you, Tara, and welcome to my blog! I am glad you are enjoying it! The Puppy is in the Critter Cutter set from the Lunch Punch. I linked to Amazon above if you want to check it out :)

  4. I love, love, love fairy sandwiches -- I am making some tomorrow for my kid's Halloween bento. Can't wait!



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