Monday, October 29, 2012

Pardon my Light - there is a storm coming...

So there is a storm in the air - literally. While preparing and hoping it will not hit too hard we still have eat - so we are packing lunches even though schools are closed :) However, it was omnious and dark this morning - so please pardon the picture quality. Last year, we had no power for 11 days. Let's hope that will not happen this year >.<

Lunch was simple but still in the spirit of Halloween today. Chocolate spread bat sandwiches with little liquorice bats, a cereal bar and apples as well as honey crackers and an Italian cookie, Goldfish crackers and a chocolate spread Pumpkin. 

I also used our new lunchboxes today but due to the poor lighting I will do my review next week :)
Packed in our Go Green Lunchbox are cheese and crackers, Chobani Champions Banana Honey yogurt, a pretzel roll with cold cuts, a cereal bar and apples and red oranges.


♬♩ Storm, storm, go away, come again another day....♬♩

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