Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick Lunches and A Panda Box

This is the sky as the kids were leaving for school today - beautiful.
I am looking forward to Daylight Savings however and a little more day light :)

We woke up late this morning - it has been a long week - and we did not have as much time to pack lunch.
So we packed hummus and pita chips, a ham and spinach sandwich with a star cut out and some chocolate covered raisins from the Halloween loot :) As always they also have water and yogurt.

My second grader has a very similiar lunch with hummus, pita bread and fairy bread and a mini chocolate tucked in his lunch box, too.

I was a little more creative with my first garder since he has not been eating a lot and I wanted to make lunch fun for him. We packed a triple CuteZCute chocolate spread sandwich, some dye-free chocolate animal crackers and a peanut butter and yogurt bar. I also packed him a juice instead of water today since I felt he needed it. 
Happy Panda Lunch, Love!



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