Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 2: Egg Sandwiches & Switch It Up Sandwich Link Up

Happy Monday!

Today is Day 2 of our "No peanut butter challenge" and today's lunch is inspired by our elf Christopher. He came December 1st from the North Pole to finally be able to see the kids he has been making toys for all year. He loves hiding over night and my kids love looking for him in the morning. Christopher has gotten into the snack cabinet already twice and so I thought it would be fitting to make an elf lunch today :)

Here he is this morning with some snatched yogurt raisins...

But back to lunch:

Today's lunch is apples, veggie sticks and elf egg sandwiches packed in our EasyLunchboxes. I added a small mini bottle of ketchup so everyone can add it if they'd like. We also packed drinkable yogurt and ice water and Christopher snuck a chocolate snowman into everyone's lunch ;)


4 large eggs
1 Tablespoon milk
1/2 teaspoon of cooking oil


First, I scrambled the 4 large eggs with 1 tablespoon milk in a small bowl. Meanwhile I heated a small amount of oil in a medium size pan. Once the pan was hot, I added the egg and turned the heat to low. I cooked the egg until the egg was set, turned it over once and made sure it was cooked properly. I then let it cool on a cutting board and used a cookie cutter to cut the egg in shape.

While the egg was cooling I used the same cookie cutter and cut two elf sandwiches for each child. Two plain bottoms and two tops with the embossed elf. Pictured are only 3 sets of bread but I had enough for 5 sets of elf sandwiches and my daughter and I had the other ones for breakfast.

Then I layered the sandwich. Here I added a piece of egg and a piece of ham, also cut in shape with the cutter.

How cute are these?

My kids were so excited for lunch today!

I also found this cute and very matching Lunchbox Love note from their Christmas Volume to complete today's lunch :)

And now it is your turn!

What did you pack for lunch today or in the past that is different from the 
"Peanut butter, Nut Butter, Nuttella, Jam" sandwich? 
I would love to see it!

You can link up all week!

Please don't link up more then 2 lunches per day!

Be nice and visit some of the other links :)

and Have Fun!


  1. OMG. All those elves are ADORABLE! And we LOVE egg sandwiches! Just love your lunch! :)

  2. Love your Switch it up Sandwich idea! Its always a good idea to try to switch it up :) And your egg sanmmies look super cute and yummy! :)

    1. Thank you, Michelle and thanks for linking up such cute lunches :)

  3. fun are your lunches?!!! makes eating lunch a treat! good for the creativity here.
    I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.

  4. Love those cute little elf stamps

  5. Love the lunch and thanks for the linky ;)

  6. Those sandwiches are THE cutest things EVER. I really need to try my hand at these bento lunches. My daughter takes a boring jelly sandwich nearly every day.

  7. where ever did you find the elf cutters??

    1. Anna, I found them at Target! They are from Nordic Ware and came in a pack of five! They don't sell them online otherwise I would have posted a link, sorry :) Hope you can find them at your local Target!



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