Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Lunches

My kids loved that I hid little Santa chocolates in their lunches yesterday, so I did it again today. It seems the little joys are sometimes the most important ones and the ones they remember :)

For my oldest I packed apples, popcorn, Wasa Crackerbread and ham and cheese on the side so he can make his own sandwiches. He also brought yogurt and ice water. I added a Lunchbox Love note as well since my kids love finding them and telling me after school what they said! What a conversation starter!

For my youngest I packed present shaped sandwiches, apples, popcorn, ice water and yogurt and of course a small Santa chocolate! There is a Lunchbox Love note in his lunch as well and if he cannot read it he will bring it home and we read it together :)

My second grader has present shaped sandwiches as well as apples and popcorn but I snuck in a special German Vanilla cookie as well since I knew he would love finding something special in his lunchbox. Besides having ice water and yogurt he also has a Lunchbox Love note. I love sending them and being able to talk about them after the kids get out of school. Plus, after last week it seems any love we can add to our kids' every day life is a gift in itself.

I had fun adding some sweets this week and even though I try to feed my kids very healthy foods it  was fun adding some sweets to their lunchboxes and see their excited faces after school!

For all those of you that have not tried the spring loaded cookie stamps on bread yet: It is fun, easy and worth it! They come out great and I will look for more shapes as the holidays end and the new year begins. I found these at my local Target. 


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