Thursday, April 25, 2013

Monbento Review

Monbento kindly sent me their Original bento box to review.

You can really see and feel the quality of this two-tier bento box. The box itself has nearly a soft feel to it and the plastic is thick and matte - simply beautiful. The MB Original bento box comes in many color combinations but I love the simplicity of this white butterfly box.

The box comes with
  • two containers and 1 top lid
  • two intermediary lids
  • 1 divider
  • two silicone caps + joints and
  • 1 elastic band

The top tier comes with a divider and both compartments have a lid that forms an airtight seal and enables both tiers to be microwavable thanks to the silicone caps that make it easy to vent. 

There is ample room in both tiers for either an adult bento, big kid's lunch or when used with only one tier a smaller child's lunch.

I packed lunch for myself as a change and was able to fit some left over taco chicken, black beans and corn with cheese butterflies and tortilla chips on the side and in the lower tier a salad with cucumber, radishes and carrots with poppy seed dressing ( you can see the dressing bottle peek out behind the butterfly silicone cup) and a silicone cup full of sprouted lentils seasoned with brown sugar.

It held plenty of food for a generous lunch and nothing leaked thanks to the air tight seal!

Pros of the MB Original bento box:
  • sleek modern design with soft touch plastic
  • a choice of many fun colors
  • microwave-safe
  • dishwasher-safe
  • airtight
  • BPA-free

There really were not really any negatives besides the fact that you probably want to buy the box for yourself since it looks just to good to share with your kids ;) Check out the Monbento website for more bento boxes, bags, accessories and cutlery. I fell in love with their whole line!

You can also find Monbento at or of course at


  1. Great review and nice butterfly theme bento!

  2. What kind of container did you use to hold the bean-corn-chicken? All my larger cups are too tall for my monbento.
    Enjoyed reading your review. The monbento is one of my favorite lunch boxes.

    1. I am so glad you liked the review! I love my monbento, too :)
      The silicone cup I used can be found HERE it is from Hope that helps :)



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