Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Throw (together) & Go Lunches

We have been running late in the morning all week and the result has been quick "Throw (together)&Go" Lunches. Today was no exception and with 5 min to spare lunches were literally packed on the fly with no Friday in sight yet...

A quick Throw&Go Lunch in our Easylunchboxes: Goldfish, apple sauce and a pepperoni and salad sandwich with Spiderman stamp. They also packed water and yogurt.

Another on the fly lunch in Easylunchboxes with Goldfish, apple sauce and bus peanut butter sandwiches. Yogurt and ice water was packed as well :)

We made similar sandwiches yesterday:

A quick and easy Captain America Lunch with apple sauce and Goldfish and... equally fast Hulk and Captain America Lunch with Naturebox Cranberry Energy Bites and grapes with a tangerine. Fast & easy but still fun :)

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