Monday, April 8, 2013

Pack ' N ' Tote Review

I posted some pictures on Instagram today of my new reusable Pack'n'Tote Grocery Cart Helper and so many of you wanted a link and more information that I decided to write a mini review with link!

I have been looking for a good reusable grocery bag for a while and found something similar when another Instagram friend, Becka from Just a Bunch of Momsense, suggested these. She was very happy with these and at $8.95 each I felt I could not really do anything wrong.

First off: I LOVE the size. When folded they take up less room in your car or cabinet then a regular grocery bag and they are easy to grab & go!

It doesn't matter if you need one or...

...two, they clip onto your shopping cart and stay in place while you shop!

And when you are done, you can close them up and walk to your car or load them into your trunk comfortably. *side note: bread, fruit and eggs should be handled with care in these bags since they can get smooshed when the bag is grabbed out of the cart. 

Two of them in my trunk!

  • holds up to 40lbs of groceries
  • folds very small for storage
  • helps eliminate lots of bags - just use two
  • has a small pocket on the front to hold keys and other things
  • recyclable
Things to consider:
  • not machine washable 
  • bread, fruit and eggs can get squished if not handled with care
Overall, I am very happy with these bags and they have solved a big headache for me. I always forget my reusable bags at home or don't have enough bags with me. Now I just leave these two in the car and grab 1 or 2 depending on my size of shopping :)

If you want to check them out, here is where I got mine:

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  1. Thank you! This review is helping me to decide which bags to get.



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