Monday, November 25, 2013

Carnivores - a Literary Lunch

Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Dan Santat is a hilarious book that portraits what happens when some of the world's best known carnivores - the lion, great white shark and wolf - share that their feelings get hurt when they are labeled as meanies. In turn the three decide to go on a vegetarian diet, but find they don't have the stomach for it. Ultimately they go back to being their true selves, even if it does mean they eat cute animals.


We packed a delicious lunch fit for vegetarian Carnivores in our Easylunchboxes:
  • a roaring lion Nutella sandwich with chocolate details and candy eyes
  • scary pumpernickel peanut butter timber wolf with chocolate details and candy eyes
  • several forest strawberries
  • a frightening apple shark with almond details and candy eyes and
  • sea creature cheese crackers

Head over to the Little Crooked Cottage to read the exclusive interview with the Timber Wolf, the Lion and the Great White Shark on Mr. Pig Live! and see my lunch over there, too! I wonder if they ate it all?

Things I used to make this lunch:


  1. Hey Nina! Aaron Reynolds here, author of CARNIVORES. You're Carnivores-inspired lunch absolutely knocked my socks off! I just want to DEVOUR it! Way to go. My mind? Officially blown.

  2. I really like this lunch boxes..Kids always loves some funny and crazy sort of food presentation..They will enjoy eating them ..So this is a beautiful lunch ideas for kids,,,thanks Mamabelly for sharing this article...I'm gonna bookmark your blog ....will come back here to find new ideas.

  3. Saw your pretty lunch at Instagram & FB. Must praise it here again that I love the APPLE details ^_^



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