Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Marc Brown!

Yesterday marked Marc Brown's 67th birthday! Happy Birthday! We love all his Arthur books and of course the Arthur Show on PBS. And since over 65 million Arthur books have been sold in the United States alone and his books, apps, e-books and TV shows are being enjoyed by children in 80 countries around the world - we thought it would only be fitting to celebrate his birthday with an Arthur themed bento lunch!

This lunch is a simple open faced peanut butter sandwich with melted chocolate, jelly and candy eye details. I placed another slice of bread at the bottom of the sandwich so my kids can easily make a sandwich out of Arthur and enjoy the jelly, peanut butter and chocolate filling.

Happy Birthday, Marc Brown!

P.S. Of course this lunch was served with yogurt and a second container with fruit and veggies to round out the meal. 

Please also visit The Little Crooked Cottage to see my guest post there, plus if you missed the hilarious round table interview on Mr. Pig Live! yesterday - a timber wolf, a lion and a great white shark from CARNIVORES where the guests, go read it now. 



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