Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy St. Nicholas Day - Nikolaus

Since I am from Germany my family celebrates Nikolaus. The kids put their shoes outside the front door on the night of December 5th and if they were good Nikolaus fills them with sweets and candy. We always also leave a carrot for Nikolaus' donkey and he eats it every year! My kids love this tradition and not only were their shoes filled...

I filled their lunches with Nikolaus Cheer as well:

We packed our Easylunchboxes with:
  • a candy cane striped apple
  • pretzels with a yogurt covered pretzel and a mini chocolate Nikolaus
  • a Nikolaus peanut butter and jelly home made Uncrustable
and we found a great matching Lunchbox Love Card to make this lunch fun and special!


 Happy Nikolaus day!

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Thing I used for this lunch (or similar items - contains affiliate links):

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  1. The lunch looks great. I love the Nikolaus sandwich. Filling shoes with candy? My daughter would love that Years ago, I read the history behind St. Nikolaus, I found it fascinating.



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