Friday, August 8, 2014

BONGA Boabab Review {and GIVEAWAY}

My kids love fruit leather and fruit snacks. I admit I do, too! They are portable, yummy and convenient but unfortunately most fruit snacks are loaded with sugar, artificial color and flavors. So, I was thrilled when Bonga Foods approached me to review their BAOBAB Superfood chews and Superfood powder and GIVE SOME AWAY TO YOU!

Bonga Foods was launched by three So Cal moms. It is a new line of baobab superfood products from Africa's "Tree of Life."  According to Bonga foods, "the baobab (BEY-oh-Bab) tree produces fruit that is exceptionally high in soluble fiber and vitamin C; rich in minerals and electrolytes; bursting with antioxidants; and one of the few plant sources of calcium. It dehydrates naturally on the tree, falling to the ground when mature, and is then sustainably harvested by women in sub-Saharan Africa. The baobab powder is simply separated from its seed and sieved in its natural, unprocessed form before packing. The unique combination of nutrients found synergistically in baobab is not compromised since the fruit does not need to be pasteurized, heat extracted, freeze dried or concentrated."

When the BAOBAB Superfood chews and powders arrived first at our house my kids immediately wanted to try them. They are conveniently packed in 40 g serving sizes and therefore great for on-the-go, lunchboxes, after sports snacks or wherever you love taking your snacks!
What did my kids think? They LOVED them!  Here is what they told me:

  • They loved that there is so much more in the individual packages than in regular fruit snacks (40 g of Bonga Superfood chews compared to 14g of a regular food snack). Some of my kids actually can only eat 1/2 a bag which makes sharing and trying all flavors easy and fun!
  • They loved the taste! And with no added sugar I am happy, too! (this is not a low calorie snack and still contains sugar.)
  • You can play with your food! Not only are the fruit chews yummy as is you can mold them by rolling them out with a rolling pin and shaping them with cookie cutters or making them into fruit strips (you can see examples in my lunch below!)
And what did I think?
  • I love that one package of Bonga Superfood chews contains 7g of fiber,
  • that it is a good source of calcium, Vitamin C, minerals and electrolytes,
  • that they are gluten free,
  • that they are raw organic and sustainable,
  • that Bonga Foods donates 10% of all profits to the Bonga Foundation, which supports the women who harvest the fruit in southern Africa and their families, as well as other women's and environmental causes here in the US.

My daughter starts Kindergarten in the fall and we are practicing school lunches so I made her this Minnie Mouse inspired lunch with Bonga BAOBAB superfood chews (in our Planetbox Shuttle) with:
  • a halfed cereal bar surrounded by Pomegranate BAOBAB superfood chews and with a molded superfood chews Mickey Mouse sillouette
  • organic cherry yogurt with another superfood chews Mickey sillouette
  • two nut butter Minnie Mouse sandwiches with superfood chews hair bows
  • carrots, celery and grape tomatoes.
We also tried the BAOBAB superfood powder and I like that I can easily add more nutrition to our smoothies and juices. 

For more recipe ideas for both the superfood chews and the powder visit their amazing website here: BONGA FOODS

**Bonga BAOBAB superfruit chews and powder are available at select Whole Foods Market stores and available online at and at Bonga Foods**

And now the best part: 

  • a variety box full of Bonga Foods Superfood Chews in Mango, Pomegranate, Raspberry and Strawberry (so naturally, sweet, it's hard to believe there's NO ADDED SUGAR!)
  • Bonga Foods Raw Organics Baobab Superfood Powder, which can be added to boost up the nutrient level of water, smoothies, baked goods, yogurt parfaits and more; 
  • and a Bonga Foods t-shirt (as seen in the pic above worn by Bonga Foods Co-Founders at the EIF Revlon Run Walk to End Women's Cancers in LA on May 10 pictured left to right: Mary Grace, Michaeline DeJoria and Nancy Nehorah)

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  1. I've never heard of these! are they available in stores (like Whole Foods)?

    1. Myra, yes! They are available at Whole Foods and online!

  2. Would love to try these for my 5 and 2 year old! Thanks for the give-away!

  3. I would try the blueberry pancakes

  4. I would really like to try the Boabab blueberry pancakes.

  5. I would love to try the blueberry pancake recipe. I am always looking for a good blueberry pancake recipe :)

  6. I would love to try the popsicles for those hot Summer days!

  7. Definitely want to try the popsicles!

  8. The blueberry pancakes for sure.! My little one is starting preschool so these ideas are awesome..!

  9. The bonga breakfast bowl looks good!

  10. What a neat product! The chews sound delicious. I'd definitely make a smoothie, but looking at the recipes, it would look more like the super pink milkshake. I don't like coffee, so I wouldn't like the smoothie recipe on the site. I'd do some mixing and matching and end up with a berry smoothie--YUM!

  11. The Baobab Blueberry Pancakes look great!

  12. Baobab Blueberry Pancakes please! YUMMMMM :)

  13. They all look tasty...but, I can't pass up a milkshake!

  14. I gotta check these out! I'm a sucker for cute packaging too. The strawberry pops recipe on their website looks awesome.

  15. I love the lunch you made! I think I would like to try the shakes and maybe popsicles!

  16. We would love to try the popsicles!

  17. My 3 year old would eat blueberry pancakes all day long if I let her

  18. I am going to Whole Foods tomorrow to look for these! They're right up my tree hugger alley :) And I'd love to try making my blueberry pancake recipe with them! Great lunches, Mamabelly!

  19. They look delicious! Will have to pick some up next time we're at the store! So glad I found your blog tonight! (Was on BE twitter chat with you.) Can't wait to go back and read all your posts!

  20. I want to enter the giveaway but the RaffleCopter widget is not loading. I tried several times. Is there another method to enter?
    Thanks, Jay

    1. I am sorry it did not work for you! I entered you manually :)



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