Friday, August 1, 2014

Star Sandwich Cutter BentoUSA Review

Do your kids love food on a stick? Mine do! They especially love sandwiches on a stick and I wanted to show you my favorite sandwich-on-a-stick maker. Drum roll please...

The SANDWICH on a STICK MAKER! Ours is star shaped but All Things For Sale also carries them in the form of a heart, a flower, a mini hexagon and a mini square!

This cutter is easy to use, easy to clean and simply perfect for quick sandwiches on a stick!

The cutter comes apart for easy cleaning and thanks to the plunger you can easily extract your made sandwich! This means , PBJ, jelly or nut butter sandwiches are no sticky messes!


You need two slices of bread. One plain and one with the topping you would like.
Start with the plain bread. Cut out the shape. Leave the shape in the cutter and cut the bread with the topping next. Alternate until the cutter is full. Insert bento pick or toothpick. Press the sandwich gently out of the cutter and your shaped sandwich on a stick is ready!

My daughter wanted turkey and cheese sandwiches and we made some together.

Fun, right?

To illustrate the layers the sandwich maker produces we alternated bread, turkey and cheese.

 Perfect for little hands or...

...for the lunchbox!

The Sandwich on a stick Cutter is available at All Things For Sale here:


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