Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

I could not resist and had to make a special lunch for Pi day (3/14) today! π (sometimes written pi) is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of any Euclidean circle's circumference to its diameter. π is approximately equal to 3.14. The area of a circle is equal to π times the square of the radius of the circle. ~ Wikipedia

I made an open faced waffle sandwich with Nutella (inspired by BentOnBetterLunches) representing a circle and topped it with cinnamon number cookies from Trader Joe's. I also packed strawberries and a Lime Jello topped with more cinnamon letters :) 

For more Pi lunches come and check out BentoForKidlet, MommyandMeLunchboxDianaRambles and BentOnBetterLunches

Enjoy Pi Day!



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