Thursday, March 15, 2012

Simple and Fast Lunch

I did not have a lot of time this morning but I still have a child that is undergoing CMT testing (Connecticut Mastery Test) and a finickey eater, so the lunches above were a quick and healthy way to make sure they get a good lunch today.

My oldest got the lunch at the top. A thin Deli sandwich bread filled with lettuce, ham and cheese. I also packed Goldfish pretzel cracker and applesauce and some cinnamon letter cookies from Trader Joe's that spell out Math :) Not shown is a yoghurt and a waterbottle that also were packed in his lunch box container :) Quick but filling and refueling after a test :)

My youngest son had rice shapes on salad with carrots, also applesauce and peanuts with a couple of mini chocolate chips. On top of the peanuts is a small container with sprinkles that he can sprinkle on his applesauce when he opens it :) He also had a yoghurt and waterbottle in his lunchpack :)
The rice shapes are just rice pressed into cute shapes. You can find them in many places but I got mine here. You scoop the rice into the shape, press down and press from the other side to release the shape. The great thing is that it takes no time, especially if you have left over rice and the rice is a little compressed and so easy to be picked up by little hands and eaten like finger food. You can also season the rice or even put food coloring in it to make it more fun :)

Happy Thursday,



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