Thursday, March 29, 2012

To Each Their Own

My kids figured out very quickly yesterday that sandwiches decorated with melted chocolate are something very yummy and asked last night what else I can make besides faces.
Well, I decided to make everyone their very own special sandwich after hearing all their suggestions.

Son #1 who plays the cello got this Cello Lunch. I cut the cello shape out of bread and decorated it with strings by using melted chocolate and a sandwich bag. I cut one of the edges off the sandwich bag, filled it with melted chocolate and decorated away. After the chocolate set I pasted it with more melted chocolate onto a separate sandwich and sealed the edges with more chocolate. I also packed a lunch box size cereal bar, a Jo Jo cookie from Trader Joe's and a white yogurt star cookie. To balance off all this chocolate I also added 1/2 an apple stenciled out with a small moon shaped cheese cutter. Not shown in the picture is ice water and a yogurt :)

Son #2 is a huge Batman fan and got this Batman lunch. I used more of the melted chocolate to draw on the Batman sign and he brought just as his brother a cereal bar, two cookies and 1/2 an apple. Ice water and a yogurt were in the lunch bag.

Son #3 loves trucks and I made him a Recycling Truck Lunch. After drawing the Recycling truck, I added a robot bento pick to make sure the truck had a driver :) He also has the same cereal bar, two cookies and apple and of course ice water and yogurt.

For my daughter I made a Flower lunch. I drew the flower with the rest of the chocolate and added an unpacked cereal bar at the bottom of the sandwich for soil. She brought also some yoghurt star cookies and loved that they were pink and purple :) The cookies are from Trader Joe's and have no artificial food coloring which I love! To round up her lunch I made her apple fries with a cute flower and bee pick :)

Happy Thursday to all of you!


  1. these are SO cute!!! great idea with the chocolate, a sweet treat + art!

  2. Oh I love these sandwiches! So very cute



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