Tuesday, May 7, 2013

black+blum Review

black+blum generously sent me their box appetit and lunchpot to review. I am really excited about both products because they are for ME - and for a change not for the kids :)
I make sure that my kids take a healthy packed lunch to school but I often forget about myself which then in return causes 11:30 am fridge raids and candy bar consumption on the go. Both are bad for my waistline and health.

But back to these fab products and to a healthier lunch habit for me and really any Mom or Dad out there. There are only 5 more days until Mother's Day, did you know ;) ?

box appetit:

I love how compact this lunchbox is. All you need in one square. And with the look and feel of a designer lunchbox!

The box appetit comes with an ingenious sauce pot, an inner container - great for separating cold and warm food since the containers are microwave safe - and a fork/knife.

The box really has more of a dish feel to it and the plastic lid makes this lunch box water tight!

I packed myself a salad with avocado and tangerine with a sweet orange balsamic vinaigrette in the sauce pot, sweet potato chips and left over breaded chicken. Lunching in style at home!

Overall, I love this lunchbox and cannot wait to pack more lunches for me!

Why I love the box appetit:
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave safe
  • redesigned hinges for durability
  • can separate cold and warm foods
  • includes a sauce or dip pot
  • includes a fork/knife
  • feels more like eating from a dish then a lunch box

lunch pot:

This lunch container is so unique! I love that both containers (or one if you need just one) are carried in the strap and there is even a place for the spork!

This lunch is left overs again. This time comfort mac'n'cheese and steamed green and yellow beans with baby carrots.

Just like the other lunch box the lunch pot makes lunch an experience. The spork is so well designed and makes eating everything from salad over soup to mac'n'cheese easy. The fork part is simply well designed and I even ate a salad with this spork without any issues!

Why I love the lunch pot:
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave safe
  • can separate cold and warm foods in the two containers container
  • includes strap and spork
  • feels more like eating from a dish then a lunch box
  • the smaller pot fits into the larger pot for storage
Overall, I love them both. They are both well designed , make remembering to pack lunch for yourself fun, are dishwasher and microwave safe (ideal for left overs) and for just around $20 they are both very reasonably priced!

Please check out all amazing products of black+blum HERE. But be aware: You will want them all!

On my wish list:


  1. The box appetit is now on MY wish list! I have the smaller bento box which is great for John, too :) Some day my cabinet is going to have a shelf devoted entirely to b+b if I have my way! LOL!

  2. Great review! I want the box appetit and lunch pot now.

  3. These look like great boxes! Lovely review :D



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