Thursday, May 30, 2013

Breakfast-To-Go in our Laptop Lunches Bento Box

The countdown for summer vacation is on. Less then two weeks until my kids are off for the summer! That means I am busier then ever trying to get as much done as possible before school ends. For my daughter that means more time in the car. And in turn I often here a little voice in the back seat calling "Breakfast sandwich? Please?" It is so tempting to just pull over and hand my preschooler a quick breakfast from the drive thru before running errand.

I was thinking on how to provide her with breakfast on the go and realized that the Laptop Lunches bento box is perfect! Great for eating anywhere and the compartments can be rearranged to fit what you want to add.

Our Breakfast-to-Go Laptop Lunch includes:

  • watermelon (I cut a watermelon in smaller pieces and cubes at the beginning of the week and stored it in the fridge for convenience)
  • an easy egg&cheese breakfast sandwich and
  • an organic apple and strawberry sauce pouch on a cloth napkin
My daughter was thrilled and this was much healthier then a drive thru stop and honestly took no time to pack.

{How to Make A} Quick Breakfast Sandwich

You need:
1 croissant 
2 eggs
a little milk
1-2 slices of cheese ( we used American)
1 tbsp oil

To make this super fast sandwich:
Cut croissant in half.
Slice croissant horizontally.
Microwave both croissant halves for 10 sec and set aside.
Heat small frying pan with 1 tbsp of oil.
Scramble the egg with a small amount of milk.
Pour in pan and wait until egg sets. Flip. Cook until cooked through. Approx. 2 min each side.
Fill croissant with 1-2 slices of cheese and add egg. Enjoy!


  1. Yum! What a perfect breakfast on the go!

  2. Do you heat up the egg sandwich before you eat it? Love the breakfast!! :)



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