Thursday, May 23, 2013

Healthy Lunch Challenge with Crunch A Color

Jennifer Tyler Lee from Crunch a Color invited me to join her Healthy Lunch Challenge. 
I am so thrilled to be part of this!

The Healthy Challenge Goal:

Jennifer invited 15 blogger to pack easy, healthy lunches that their kids love to eat and real Moms can pack on busy nights or mornings. She provided us with her award winning games the Crunch a Color The Healthy Eating Game and the Crunch a Color Conversation Starters. 

The Challenge:

Pack an easy and healthy lunch that incorporates 3 color cards, 1 protein and 1 healthy grain while earning at least 30 points.

The Lunch:
  • home made no bake energy bites
  • kiwi and our new food: an apricot
  • 3 mini whole wheat pita pockets filled with lettuce, mini garden cucumber, carrot slices and nitrate-free salami
  • strawberries and
  • a small container with salad dressing for the mini pita pockets

How many points did we earn?

5 points for healthy grains for the whole wheat pita pockets and energy bites
10 point for the apricot ( we got to double the 5 points for trying a new food)
5 point for the kiwi
10 points for the cucumbers
10 points for the carrots
10 points for the salami and peanut butter
5 points for the strawberry and
5 points for serving water with lunch
60 points

We really enjoy playing the Healthy Eating Game and it encourages those kids of mine that like games and competition to try something new or add something to their plate to earn an additional card.

Jennifer had also sent us the Crunch a Color Conversation Starters and if you love getting the kids involved in the dinner conversation and want more then "nice", "great", or "ok" answers try using her game. My kids loved picking questions to answer at dinner.

Even my 4 year old - who cannot read yet - loves this game and I could not get one picture without her trying to play it with me :)

We loved participating in the Healthy Lunch Challenge!

If you would like your own games - you can purchase them here (contain affiliate links):



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