Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mama and Daughter Lunches

Today's lunches are for my daughter and me.
We packed the boy's lunches and then some for ourselves as well :)

Mama's Lunch:

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My lunch is packed in our Laptop Lunches bento box:
  • a kiwi fruit
  • left over fried rice with some carrot flowers
  • left over chicken on a bed of spinach salad with mushrooms and some left over crackers ( I also packed salad dressing in a separate mini dressing bottle - not pictured)
  • and carrots and celery sticks with a tablespoon of peanut butter

Girly's Lunch:

My daughter wanted lunch on her Innobaby Din Din Platter:
  • mini cucumbers
  • grapes
  • an apricot
  • Pirate Booty and 
  • two mini heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches

Here are a few of the things I used to make lunch:

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